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Located 50 miles east of Nassau, Eleuthera is a long thin island (110 miles long x 2 miles wide) with a land area of approximately 180 square miles, surrounded by coral reef and miles of sand beaches. Easily accessible by air or sea, three airports (one for international service), inter-island ferry service, or by private yacht. The island has 11,000 residents, the principal economy of the island is driven by tourism, with fishing and agriculture (pineapple plantations) secondary.

Eleuthera includes the well known Harbour Island with its boutique hotels and famous pink sand beaches, and the upscale Windermere Island a secluded and private enclave.

This attractive 466 +/- acre property surrounded by natural beauty on both land and sea presents the opportunity to create a world renown resort and residential destination.

THE BAHAMAS Located 180 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, The Bahamas, officially the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is a country consisting of more than 700 islands, cays and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas are an independent Commonwealth realm in the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly known as the British Commonwealth) retaining the Queen as head of state (represented by a Governor-General). Tourism alone accounts for more than 60% of GDP and directly or indirectly employs almost half of the labor force. The Bahamas host approximately 1.5 million stay-over visitors a year, of which historically 80% +/- come from the U.S. The Hotels Encouragement Act — Provides duty free entry of approved construction materials, furnishings and fixtures for hotel development as well as provides for exemption/concession from real property tax for the first twenty years of operation of a hotel/resort. The act has been amended to also include shops and restaurants, which have a touristic component, and entertainment facilities.

Listing #16644
Lot Size466 acres
Property TypeBusiness Opportunity, Commercial Lot, Marina, Multi-Family, Resort, Restaurant, Retail
Key FeaturesHill Top View, Marina View, Waterfront, Beachfront
LocationEleuthera, South Eleuthera, Tarpum Bay

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