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Private Islands

Although there are over 700 islands and over 1,500 Cays that make up the Bahamas there are only a select few private islands that have it all. Deep water access for yachting, elevation for a panoramic hilltop home, size for a private air strip, access to medical needs, fine sand beaches and coves and inland lakes.

Prices for these islands range from $4 million to $50 million.

If you can help us by giving us your needs and budget we will prepare a summary of islands that meet your criteria for either personal use or development.

Private Island Listings

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Bonefish Cay, Andros

Private Island
ID# 17612, MLS# 34099

Goat Cay

Private Island
Berry Islands
ID# 4512

Low Cay

Private Island
San Salvador
ID# 15781, MLS# 32146


Private Island
Andros, North Andros, Staniard Creek
ID# 17691, MLS# 34182
Front View- Main House

Gauldin Cay Property

5 Bed 3 Bath Private Island, Single Family Home
Eleuthera, Central Eleuthera, Gaulding Cay sold
ID# 4362

Bonefish Cay

Private Island
Andros, Central Andros
ID# 5124

Dinna Cay

Private Island
Exuma, Central Exuma under contract
ID# 3220


Private Island
Eleuthera, North Eleuthera, Russell Island
ID# 19221, MLS# 35889

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