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Charity in Ocean Club

Tuesday January 29th, 2013

Next Weekend most of the people living in the Ocean Club on Paradise Island will be going to a massive fund raiser for the forgotten children of the Bahamas. The Fund Raising event was the brain child of an Ocean Club resident Mr. Harry Cohen who has lived in the Ocean Club for the past ten years. Harry the “Mayor of the Ocean Club” as his friend call him has always wanted to give back to the Bahamas and six months ago he approached a number of the Ocean Club Owners about his planed charity. Obviously, many of the People that live on Paradise Island and in Ocean Club liked the idea and as a result they are about to put on one of the biggest charity fund raisers that the Bahamas has ever seen. Having sold over 450 tickets at a cost of $500 per seat and having raised in excess of $500,000 in gifts it is hoped that the event will raise between $500,000 to 1,000,000. Well done Harry, I hope that the event is tremendously successful and that my fellow Bahamians appreciate what you have done.

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