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a family company.

McCarroll Real Estate was started by Scottish-Welsh brothers, Jason and Sean McCarroll. Born of Scottish migrants, Jason and Sean first entered the market as Seaview Propertiesa in 1997, later changing the name to reflect their strong family values and Celtic heritage.

Jason and Sean were deeply inspired by niche brands and have built a boutique agency, which focuses on nurturing client relationships and access to the most luxurious properties in The Bahamas. While Jason and Sean share similar traits, their character definitely shows in their style of lush homes. Jason loves the olden prestige of Eastern New Providence while Sean opts for the cosmopolitan style of Western New Providence high rises. Given their contrast in taste, clients truly get a sense of the luxury that The Bahamas has to offer.

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Why choose realestate & property in The Bahamas

Why Choose The Bahamas?

Nestled between Cuba and the United States, The Bahamas brags a breath-taking archipelago with over 700 islands and 1500 cays. Its alluring beaches and crystal waters continue to draw millions of travellers to our shores each year.

Owning property in The Bahamas is a truly worthwhile investment. Our general economy is stabilized and secure. In addition, the international airport offers convenient, direct flights to all major cities (i.e. London, Toronto, New York).

Whether you are looking for your dream home, like to acquire real estate for business, investment, or a second home, there is a piece of this tropical paradise waiting here for you.

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